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The Mimici Foundation has been set up in memory of Erminia (Mimici)
Vassallo with the objective to work so that, through our projects, we can
make life better for those who are having a difficult time.


Dear Friends,

The idea to set up “The Mimici Foundation” has been there for quite some time, specifically since my beloved wife Erminia (sive Mimici) passed away in August 2013. My children and I have been discussing this idea for some time as we wanted to find the right opportunity and the perfect cause in order for this Foundation to function properly. We wanted to capture what Mimici had always lived for, helping others in need, and making the other person happy, by attending to their real necessities, and thus we wanted to continue her legacy.

Mimici was a very strong and tenacious person and she always emphasized her generosity towards others, not only by donating money or clothes, but also by going out of her way to help anyone in need.

Therefore the only objective of The Mimici Foundation is to work so that, through our projects, we can make life better for those who are having a difficult time, whether financially to meet with the everyday hassles of this modern life, or by helping in educating those who cannot afford a good education. All our efforts therefore will be focused on this.

For this project to be successful, we are forced to depend, to a large extent, on the support and generosity of people, companies, associations and other foundations that could collaborate with us.

In the Gospel of Matthew (25; 35-36) Christ told His disciples “For I was hungry, and you gave me food; I was thirsty, and you gave me drink; I was a stranger, and you picked me up; I was naked, and you covered me; sick, and you visited me; in prison, and you came to me.” This is the mission we need to accomplish.

On behalf of all of us who are part of this, I want to express my greatest gratitude to all these people who have so far supported us, and who we hope, God willing, will support us, both financially and with contributions of any kind. With each contribution, whether large or small, we are expanding the opportunities for those people who need it most.

Francis J. Vassallo


To improve the educational attainment of less privileged individuals by sponsoring their education, professional training, and career development and facilitate the placement of the same individuals in industry.

To support persons suffering from inaccessibility to basic human needs, directly or through other organisations or intermediaries which carry out the same mission.

To support individuals suffering from medical conditions.

To support medical research specifically related to cancer research.

To support charities and other foundations in the raising of funds for their specific purposes which are consistent with the above purposes.

To carry out such activities as may be ancillary to the above or as may be necessary or desirable to achieve the above purposes and objects.



In the measure in which we ask society for help, we must answer back by explaining in a transparent fashion, how the funds are being allocated, preserving the confidentiality of the individuals.


The respect for ethics and laws will inspire the actions of those who make up the Foundation, which implies diligence, good faith and primacy of the purposes of the Foundation.


We are an independent Foundation, governed exclusively by independent people, with no political or institutional obligations whatsoever. We act in the best interest of those people in need.


Our commitment is to obtain collective welfare and contribute to social balance.


Generous donation to the Optimist Club of Malta

During an event held on Tuesday 14th November, at the FJVA Business Centre in Qormi, Mr Francis J Vassallo, President of The MIMICI Foundation, in collaboration with FJVA, has presented a generous donation on behalf of the same foundation to Mr Reuben M Buttigieg, President of Optimist Club of Malta.

Supporting survivors of the Libya floods

The MIMICI Foundation in collaboration with FJVA, extended a helping hand to support those affected by the recent floods in Libya.

Empowering Hope to Andrea Calleja

The Mimici Foundation in collaboration with FJVA is thrilled to announce that a donation of €5,000 towards an innovative procedure for Andrea Calleja.







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