Helping people in need.

The Mimici Foundation has been set up in memory of Erminia (Mimici) Vassallo with the objective to work so that, through our projects, we can make life better for those who are having a difficult time. There are many ways to give, below are a list of some projects we are working on to achieve our mission.


1- Clothing Donations


Giving does not always need to be monetary; in-kind donations are a great way to support The Mimici Foundation.

The clothing donation program is an initiative we started, whereby through the collection of second-hand clothing in good condition, we distribute them to those in need, being a basic human need to ensure a better standard of living.

It is the first step to assist the underprivileged out of marginality and helps them to develop self-esteem. 

2- Business Donations 

Businesses are significant contributors to our mission. We are grateful for the initiative from the FJVA team who have proposed some ideas to raise money for The Mimici Foundation. We really thank them for their generosity. 

3 – Migrants in Malta

We work to assist some migrants with the immigration process and social security issues, in relation to medical conditions. 

4 – Support for disadvantaged groups.

The Mimici Foundation helps and supports the Little Sisters of the Poor with some of their expenses for the elderly and poor.

The Mimici Foundation
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