Sharing stories from our community. (Part II)

From time to time we’ll bring you stories of some less privileged individuals that The Mimici Foundation has managed to help out.

A child’s road to recovery

The Mimici Foundation was informed about the case of a one-year old child who had been diagnosed with leukaemia. He needed to go to London to receive some urgent treatment. 

Being only a baby, he needed to be accompanied by his mother to London and therefore she had to stop working in order to take him to London for the urgent treatment.

Since the father was still working in Malta he remained in Malta, however he travelled back and forth to London whenever he could in order to help his wife and be with his son.

The treatment was covered by the Malta-UK Health Agreement, but the family’s greatest expense was their accomodation in London having to remain there for quite a long time during his treatment. This was quite a financial burden on them.

The Foundation considered the case and after an interview with the mother, they agreed to help them cover the family accomodation and expenses during their stay in London, due to their son’s treatment of leukaemia. 


The sky’s the limit

A young man had asked for financial assistance to be able to read a PhD in Mindfulness at the University of Aberdeen through online facilities. 

This person is a quadriplegic who spends most of his time studying so that he can contribute to society through helping others. He does this very successfully as he has so far achieved excellent results both from the University of Malta and the University of Aberdeen. He never let his physical limitations keep him back from living a full life, always getting involved in making society at large aware of the difficulties faced by people in his condition. He has also been very active in using the media to reach out to people with different abilities, advocating a civic sense and an attitude of healthy living amongst this particular group. 

After careful consideration, we concluded that he met all the objectives of The Mimici Foundation, and so we agreed to sponsor his tuition fees for his Research in Mindfulness and his PhD Degree is Doctor Of Philosophy In Education (Distance Learning) at the University of Aberdeen.


Helping the community during the pandemic 2020

Due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic situation, The Mimici Foundation felt a need to do something extra to help the community during these difficult times. We sent emails to different centres and foundations to see if any specific help was needed. Several centres responded to us with the need of food, hygiene products and basic needs.

In collaboration with other foundations, we assisted migrant COVID-19 patients who were in isolation at the Migrant Centre, and also assisted some children’s Institutes, including a home that cared for 40 children. 

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